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Aisha Sanders


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio to a welfare recipient mother and drug addict father, I survived everything that was designed to destroy me. Luckily for me, I was embraced by those who fought for me and saw my potential even when I didn’t recognize it myself. I know firsthand how it feels to have someone believe in you and push you to become the best version of yourself. That's why I owe every child from the inner cities the opportunity to become familiar with that feeling too. I can relate to them and they can relate to me! I want to help them create a life that they don’t feel they have to run from, hide from, shy away from or be ashamed of. If you give a child the support, tools and resources to do the unthinkable you’d be surprise at what they can accomplish. I’ll gladly be the voice for the voiceless; there’s no greater honor for me. My purpose in life is to ensure that every child, family and neighborhood is left better than how I found it. 

All my parents ever asked, was that I lived my truth and that I stayed in a child’s place. I can remember thinking, what does that even mean. Light-years later, I realize how grateful I was to hear those words uttered to me. Let me break it down for you. To live in your truth symbolizes freedom and being free from the chains of hate, envy and self-detriment. Embracing your truth as a kid opens your world to building a strong independent mindset because you don’t limit or box yourself in what others think of you. I was raised on the notion of loving and respecting myself, so that others will do the same in return. I was raised to value knowledge and educate myself, so that no one can {insert word} me. And I was raised to be self-aware, take ownership and accountability for my actions, so that no one can hold anything over me. You see I choose to be apart of this organization because it embodies these qualities that I was taught. I vow to continue to spread my lessons to the inner-city youth so that they can be well-equipped to tackle life, living in their truth.    


Constance Ogletree


Financial Literacy Director and Treasurer

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