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If you're reading this, we know you love what we do. We are Teach to Reach Inc., a non-profit organization striving to pay it forward to inner-city youth by tapping into their untapped potential. We are committed to encouraging respect, self-awareness and the importance of education. Teach to Reach was founded by Aisha Sanders, a girl with a vision and a passion for developing young adults to be independent contributors of their own worlds! It has since grown to include Constance Ogletree to help bring her vision to life. Under Aisha's guidance, Teach to Reach will work non-stop to protect and provide for our youth.



Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio to a welfare recipient mother and drug addict father, I survived everything that was designed to destroy me. Luckily for me, I was embraced by those who fought for me and saw my potential even when...READ MORE

Mission: ​Promote education, respect, and self-awareness to inner-city youth by providing enriching opportunities and powerful relationships to ultimately build leaders that are capable of exceeding expectations in the 21st century. 


All my parents ever asked, was that I lived my truth and that I stayed in a child’s place. I can remember thinking, what does that even mean. Light-years later, I realize how grateful I was to hear those words uttered to me. Let me break it down for you...READ MORE

Vision: Create leaders of tomorrow by focusing on the impact they make today.


Atlanta, GA

Coming Soon...

Cleveland, OH


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